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Welcome to our store that sells high-quality Viking knivesforged with care by smithsexperts.they are made to last a lifetime! In the age of Scandinavians, we hear a lot about Viking axes, a great symbol of their power across Europe with the management of their attack without the conventional training. But the knife is also an essential element in their daily life, they use knives for everyday life, cutting meat for example. 

The Viking knife combines the use of any knife you find in your kitchen sharp enough this knife is multifunctionalin the kitchen, but not just? You can use it for a variety of purposes, including digging, camping, sports, if you are doing survival, it is perfect, it can also be a collection piece. This Viking knife is polyvalent, it’s a must-have accessory for its function and really classy for its style. Combine everything and get one as soon as possible, you won’t be disappointed with their visuals and incredible quality! The kitchen knifeviking is multi-tasking, just like the first knife in history in prehistoric times. It can serve you well if you use it for hunting, for trimming branches, cutting plants, cutting wood. Knives first appeared 25,000 BC. The first ones will be made of stone, ours are made ofstainless steel in order to have the sharpest possible edge and avoid rust. We focus our construction of our Viking kniveson strength, durabilityand maneuverabilityand also on the style of the kings of Sweden, Norway from the Viking Age.

How to sharpen Viking knives

In order to optimize its use and make it last as long as possible, it is important to maintain the Viking knivesat their best. To do this, you need to maintain your knives regularly. You should not soak your Vikings knivesin water regularly, run a cloth over the bladeto remove any stains and dry the blade of the Scandinavianpirates. Keep it dry ideally after washing it in warm water, barder the blade in a suitable product based on various oils such as olive, rapeseed and Camellia. And store it in a soft leather sheath, finally as in the Viking days where he carried it on his belt in a leather sheath. Our stainless steel blades sturdyhave undergone multiple sharpeningprocesses by hand for an incredibly sharp edge. To sharpen your knives, get a sharpenermanual or electric for the manual, you need to sharpen the knife at a very small angle almost horizontally, then run the blade over a leather on which you have put razor paste. After you slide your blade onto the sharpener, so you run it over the soaked leather, avoiding cutting yourself. With regard to the handleof real wood, it is important to keep it dry and not leave the Viking knifein water.

Craft Viking Knife

What makes it a Craft Viking Knife? Its very Viking style customized in the scandinavian style. The creation of our handcrafted Viking knives by rigorous and passionate blacksmiths. Obviously inspired by the Nordic mythology, with advances in techniquesof Cutleryand today’s modern style. Our artisanswork hard to make our knives aesthetically pleasing copies of the Northernpiratesstyle. So you can use them as a decorative element. But they don’t prevent them from being made to be functional. They are fun, like jewelry, but usable as they were in the days of Norse mythology. Thanks to our great craftsmen, our handcrafted Viking knivesare of high quality! In the medieval style forged with care. You’ll be stylish for cutting meat, bread, chopping vegetables, decomposing a chicken, for its use in cooking, it is perfect, that thanks to its curved bladeand sharp. Its cutting will then be effortlessand comfortable thanks to the ergonomic handle.

Genuine Viking knife

Our Viking weaponsare sure to please you! The base materials we used are quality items and forged with age-old and traditional techniques from our artisans. They have obviously been perfected over the years of use. Why do we say a real knife? Because it can be used to cut, slice, chop, shear, slice, chop, slice, slice, slice, slice food, wood, plants, yarn. Its blade is as sharp as the knives of our great Vikings! They are solidand durableto a fault, they are said to be genuine, as they are hand-fashioned as in the days of the Northern Mythology. Oiled and polished to keep the ancient character. Our tool is nice to use during cooking, gardening, camping. Its design, original style, inspired by the discoveries of the early Middle Ages and will please your guests at a family meal or “Viking” Fan meeting. Pretend you’re Ragnarwhile cooking your chicken! Be the heroof the series during your meals! And present your tool as a workof northern pirate art.

Historic Viking knife

Our historic Viking tools, similar to those of Ragnar the King of Swedenare incredible. They are almost from the Nordic peoplesand used by the greatest pillarsof the middle ages. We are of course talking about the Vikings, those great sailors, merchants and warriors of the North. Let’s do a little history, they are the creators of regions/states in Normandy, Sicily and Russia. Their rule ceased in the mid-11th century after the Scandinaviansdecided to make the monarchical powers centralizing. That the religion changed and was based on Christianity. The Vikingswere a very active people, they practiced hunting, agriculturebeing great fighters. That’s why Viking knives were an essential part of their daily lives in addition toVikings axes very well known. The knife takes the codes of a swordwith a bladeincurved and smaller. Historic Viking knives were sometimes used forknife throwinglike axe throwing. You’ll find a set of Viking knives each more elegant than the last on our store.

Traditional Viking knife

There are different types of sharp tools: we will find the knife, cutter, Swiss Army knife, serpette, sword, bayonet, saber, axe, large cutteru, sharp tools, there are a lot of them. For knives, and the we are talking about Vikings knives, they can be like all traditional knives, that is, straight or fixed, incurved. Straight models are so by their fixed blade, which extends like the arm and hand by its handleby a half or three-quarter tang or full tang. Traditional tools known as closers have a folding blade in the handle for easy carrying. We don’t have this model on our store, the option we have the most for aclassic Viking knifeis the incurved modelwith the blade rounded for a greater grip on the object being sliced. What makes the main part of the knife is the blade and the handle. Our blades are made of stainless steel. The genuine and traditional handle can be created with materials of different origins, but for the most part, we will find in our store wood genuine.